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ProMonitor data acquisition and monitoring system is a combination of hardware and software. The hardware is used for data acquisition from sensors and other instruments. The software provides the necessary form of monitoring interface. It is useful for industries and organizations where any number of equipment needs to be constantly monitored. 
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An intelligent buoy for monitoring water quality. BuoyInt stands for Buoy + Intelligent.  The buoy is tough enough to withstand rough seas, severe storms or strong winds despite being lightweight and easy to transport.  It can host various IoT based solutions. We provide a stand-alone integrated solution consisting of solar panels, data logger, telemetry equipments and various sensors. 

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Liquid Flow Rate Monitoring

Real-time, continuous monitoring of liquid flow rate

  • Flow Rate in Open Channel Or Surface
  • Flow Rate in Closed Conduit, Pipe, Duct etc.

Liquid Level Monitoring

Online, real-time and continuous level monitoring solutions
  • Surface Water Level monitoring
  • Underground Water Level Monitoring
  • Liquid Level Monitoring in Tanks, Pressure Vessel etc.

Noise Level Monitoring

Noise level is measured in cities and industries to prevent noise pollution. It is also related to personnel protection and workers’ health and safety.
  1. Continuous monitoring in an unmanned and remote environment
  2. Telemetry of measured data
  3. Cloud-Based Monitoring