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Next Generation IoT Solutions.

IoTixLab is pioneering research-oriented product development for remote sensing and monitoring using IoT (Internet of Things) based technology.

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Real Time Data
Real Time Decision

We provide hardware and software to assist you in data-driven decision making. Our products cover online sensors, dataloggers, gateway, IoT platform and analytics software to monitor anything in real time

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Remote Monitoring Solutions

Our solutions lets you remotely and continuously monitor any types of air, soil, liquid parameters or other environmental conditions

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"Everything that can be automated will be automated."
- Robert Cannon


Our wide range of plug and play sensor nodes allow for seamless data collection on any environmental or industrial parameters and send them to server


Our online analytics software gives you real time insights, alerts on critical parameters and historical trend


Take precise action based on real-time or historical data. Urgent action helps cut cost and increase efficiency.

Our Clients

Many companies run IoT solutions to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.