Liquid Flow Rate Monitoring

Real-time, continuous monitoring of liquid flow rate

  • Flow Rate in Open Channel Or Surface 
  • Flow Rate in Closed Conduit, Pipe, Duct etc.

Water management is an important concern of many national and international organizations today. Water consumption minimization is a primary pre-condition to achive Sustainable Developement Goal (SDG). This is also associated with long term environmental issues. Increased water consumption has many harmful impact like decreasedlevel of groundwater, over usage of pumping power etc.  Therefore water consumption in irrigation, industry, municipalities etc. are crucial to take account for. One of the key strategy to implement this is to monitor liquid flow rate. This gives us an idea on water consumption behaviour and how to increase water efficiency. In industry, flow rate monitoring can also be used to detect leakage by analyzing flow data.

Liquid Flow Rate measurement solution by IoTixlab works with any type of fluid: water, oil, chemical, etc. This helps industries to track individual fluid consumption in their process. We have also solutions for surface water flow rate monitoring in rivers, lakes, etc. IoTixLab uses advanced contact or non-contact type sensors depending on the application. Sensor value is remotely sent to the server so that no manual gauge or meter checking is required. The data is continuous so it can create more insights on consumption behavior. The data is also transmitted in real-time, so operational efficiency is increased and swift actions can be taken in case of anomaly.

  • Continuous monitoring in an unmanned and remote environment
  • Telemetry of measured data
  • Cloud-Based Monitoring
  • Solar Powered (No extra power supply required)
  • Low-power Design
  • Rechargeable Long Lasting Battery
  • Durable Structure Lighting, Surge, and Over voltage protection
  • Modular Structure for portability and easy installation

Industry-Specific Solutions

Every industry is unique in its problems, so is their requirement. Discover our customizable solution for every industry.

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