Monitoring of liquid level, pressure, temperature, humidity, flow rate, oil and water quality etc is an important task for engineers working in the oil, gas or power generation industry. These plants are often located in remote locations, sometimes in offshore places. Maintaining a safe working environment is challenging here because of the hazards involved. These industries also have a big impact on the environment, so proper environmental compliance is required. These issues are modern challenges that oil, gas, and power generation industries are facing today.

IoTIxlab has a range of solutions that address these issues. We provide easy remote monitoring solutions for increased safety and operational efficiency. We have sensors and data-loggers that provide real-time insights hundreds of process parameters throughout the plant facility. We also have sensors to provide real-time information on machine performance, uptime, etc. We can provide real-time asset monitoring that establishes more control over your inventory. Our emission monitoring system gives continuous monitoring of stack emissions and airborne particles.