Noise Level Monitoring

Combat Noise Pollution Through Monitoring

Noise level is measured in cities and industries to prevent noise pollution. It is also related to personnel protection and workers’ health and safety. Exposure in a highly noisy environment for an elongated period of time has many adverse effects. This also affects the psychology of adults and children. In order to maintain the noise standard in cities and factories and to identify noise sources, the noise level is measured at different points. IoTixLab has accelerated this task with a manyfold increase in operational efficiency by developing Automatic Noise Level Monitoring Station.

Noise Level Monitoring Station is an IoT based solution developed locally by IoTixlab.The device can be installed in different locations in cities and factory, or near noise sources. The installation is easy, does not need any advanced training or skills. The device is designed in a way that it can sustain a long period without any maintenance. There is a highly accurate noise level sensor installed inside, which records the noise level data. The data is then automatically sent to the server via the mobile network from where one can access the data using his mobile or desktop. This gives real-time insights and enables us to monitor more places so that an accurate idea on noise level can be generated.

  1. Continuous monitoring in an unmanned and remote environment
  2. Telemetry of measured data
  3. Cloud-Based Monitoring
  4. Solar Powered (No extra power supply required)
  5. Low-power Design
  6. Rechargeable Long Lasting Battery
  7. Durable Structure Lighting, Surge, and Overvoltage protection
  8. Modular Structure for portability and easy installation

How it works