A software + hardware platform for real-time data acquisition and monitoring


Remote, Continuous and Real-time Data

  • Data acquisition from industrial sensors
  • Telemetry of data over network
  • Monitoring, visualization and analytics software 

ProMonitor data acquisition and monitoring system is a combination of hardware and software. The hardware is used for data acquisition from sensors and other instruments. The software provides the necessary form of monitoring interface. It is useful for industries and organizations where any number of equipment needs to be constantly monitored. This includes but not limited to environmental parameters, machine parameters, production parameters, etc. This device reduces the necessity of manual meter-reading checking or maintaining a logbook. Instead, this system allows the user to automatically take the reading from sensors and other instruments and monitor them on a software interface.

  • Real-time Asset Performance Monitoring

  • Remote Meter and Sensor Data Monitoring

  • Deploys non-invasive sensors

  • Collects data 24/7 & uploads for visualization on a cloud platform

  • Alarms on critical parameters

  • Enables data-driven decision making & actionable insights

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Data Acquisition System

Hardware Features

Built-in Gateway

ProMonitor industrial data acquisition system serves as both a data logger and a gateway. It is a physical connection point between clouds and sensors, controllers, and other intelligent devices. ProMonitor acquires reading from the sensors, stores it locally, performs necessary pre-processing and sends it to a network cloud where you can visualize the data. It is an ideal tool for interfacing sensors, automation, and control instrumentation in industries.

Supports RS-485 interface and MODBUS protocol

ProMonitor supports remote capture of data from instruments through a configurable RS-485 interface with MODBUS protocol. It can communicate with any custom sensor from any vendor that supports RS-485 interfacing. However, It can also be configured to add RS-232, RS-422 interface with numerous protocols depending on the application requirement.

Local Data Storage 

The device has local data storing capability for up to 10 years. So even in the event of failure, your data is safe.

Telemetry using GSM

The system has a gateway to facilitate the telemetry of the measured data to the cloud. It comes with GSM-based telemetry but can be configured to add LoRA, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. This enables the device to be installed in remote places to power remote monitoring, in places that were beyond reach previously. This eliminates the need for huge manpower to continuously keep an eye on devices to ensure uptime. Thus saving maintenance and operational cost to achieve sustainability.

Connect any sensor

The device can be configured to support any number of sensors. The sensors can be both analog and digital- customizable depending on your requirements. It can also be used to switch outputs to activate actuators, valves, pumps, and different control system components.

Durable Enclosure

The data acquisition system utilizes ruggedized fiberglass or sheet metal enclosure. The enclosure is dust and moisture-proof, which gives it the capability to be installed in remote and outdoor environments.

Low-power Design

An integrated Li-ion battery has a lifetime of up to 10 years. Its efficient low power design enables the battery to last longer so that remote monitoring is sustainable. The battery status can also be remotely viewed in the IoTixlab cloud dashboard for easy maintenance.

Safety Standard Conformity

The device is designed to be compliant with international standards in terms of safety. It is protected from Electrical Fast Transient (EFT), Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), lightning surge, Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). This simply means the device can not be harmed by lightning, over-voltage, any electrical instability, or from operator touch. This is particularly an important feature as the device might be installed in a remote location where easy servicing and maintenance are not accessible. Also for industries where any discontinuity of production and loss of data can be costly.

Visualization and Analytics

Software Features

Visualize your data

Visualize your data with built-in or custom widgets and flexible dashboards. Share dashboards with your customers. Provides 30+ configurable widgets out-of-the-box and the ability to create your own widgets using built-in editors. Built-in line-charts, digital and analog gauges, maps, and much more.

Alarms Management

Provides the ability to create and manage alarms related to your entities: devices, assets, customers, etc. Allows real-time alarms monitoring and alarms propagation to related entities’ hierarchy. Raise alarms on device disconnect or inactivity events.

Reporting Tool

The monitoring software has report generation capability. It allows users to generate data in excel, CSV format, or with any visual graphs, plots, charts, etc.

Cloud Support

ProMonitor supports connection to IoTixlab Cloud Platform which is a managed cloud service. It supports any device connectivity, process, and store device data. You can also configure it to visualize data as graphs, charts, etc, and run analytics to gain insights.

How it works