Ensuring Sustainable Water Management

Water is an essential element of life. For water to be usable for drinking, agriculture, fisheries, industrial usage, etc., it is important that the water meets some compliance in terms of its quality. For example, drinking water needs to be pure from all types of contaminants. Water for fish cultivation needs to have specific dissolved oxygen, pH, etc. Water used in industrial boilers also requires pre-treatment to prevent fouling. Industrial discharge water needs to meet environmental regulations before it is dumped. Agricultural production can be also affected by water quality.  How can we make sure these water quality parameters are maintained properly? It is a huge task for any individual to monitor these properties. IoTixLab has addressed these issues by developing remote, continuous, and real-time monitoring of water quality parameters.

We can measure countless water quality parameters, using our online sensors and data logger. The data logger reads, analyzes the value from the sensor, and remotely sends it to the server. Our rich server-side applications then enable visualization of these data from any connected computers or mobile. Remote monitoring of the data removes many hassles involved with the manual approach and ensures sustainability.

  • Any number of Water Quality parameters monitoring

  • Continuous monitoring in an unmanned and remote environment

  • Telemetry of measured data

  • Cloud-Based Monitoring

  • Solar Powered (No extra power supply required)

  • Low-power Design

  • Rechargeable Long Lasting Battery

  • Durable Structure Lighting, Surge, and Overvoltage protection

  • Modular Structure for portability and easy installation.