Who We Are?

Our Mission

IotixLab is a company focused on IoT (Internet of Things) based remote monitoring solutions. Our journey started with the mission to facilitate in-depth research on environment and agriculture. Thus born our first product, a data logger to capture environmental data. It was designed to gather temperature, ground water level, air quality and water quality data. It was deduced that to preserve, empower and better leverage the mother environment, better and efficient industry is a must.

Our focus then extended to Industries to facilitate Industrial growth in such a way that it streamlines production line keeping the environmental balance intact. Hence initiated the monitoring of industrial parameters like flow rate, humidity, temperature, level of fluid in tank and storage, utility consumption, vibration, etc. Monitoring these parameters and AI-based insights can foster growth ensuring minimum wastage and maximum profit.

Quality First

Quality comes first in all our products and services. We understand how a low-quality product/service can hurt your business and our goodwill. We make no compromise in offering the best solution to satisfy customer expectations.

Innovative Solution

The core notion of our problem solving methodology revolves around innovative solutions. We set a high standard and strive relentlessly for better outcome.


We always provide the highest level of digital privacy. We take the necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access to your data. We provide military-grade encryption to protect your valuable data.


We do not cause harm to the environment in the disguise of new technology. Rather we are working to improve it. Before designing any solution, we always pick the best possible option to reduce the harmful impact.

Our Core Values

We emphasize eco-friendly technologies that will help to improve the environment through energy efficiency and the reduction of harmful waste.