Soil Quality Monitoring

Remotely monitor soil condition for smart farming and research

Boost Farming With Technology

Soil Quality Monitoring is a road to precision agriculture and efficient food production. With time the climate is changing, the water level is dropping and pressure is increasing on land to produce more foods. For efficient crop yield, it is important for farmers, researchers, and agricultural officers to know the soil condition. This knowledge is also crucial for correctly determining the planting time, avoiding underwatering or overwatering, optimum plant growth, etc. Manual field visits and intuition-based decisions have been proven inaccurate and resource expensive. Now it is more of a technological challenge to gather real-time accurate data for farmers and agricultural researchers to make meaningful decisions that will save time, reduce water consumption, reduce pumping energy, and increase yield.


IoTixlab has brought its innovation into smart and precision agriculture by introducing Automatic Soil Quality Monitoring using various advanced sensors and equipment. We provide the sensors and controllers to measure soil moisture, temperature, humidity, pH, EC, etc. This data can be collected and viewed remotely on software without any need for manual visits.


  • Eliminating the need for manual and frequent field visits to monitor soil conditions.

  • Alarm notification on critical parameters

  • Analysis of soil for the cultivation of certain crops

  • Improve crop quality by reducing stress

  • Measure the effect of climate change on soil

  • Monitor soil pollutants

  • Prevent underwatering and overwatering and ensure optimum water usage and pumping power.

  • Prevent soil-borne diseases

  • Save time, resources, and labor needs.



Choose What to Monitor

IoTixLab provides a range of sensors with its weather station. You can also monitor any weather parameters using third-party sensors as long as that support specific communication protocol. Contact us for any help regarding the selection of sensors or parameters.

  • Soil Moisture or Humidity
  • Soil Temperature
  • Soil pH
  • Soil Electrical Conductivity

Solution For All


Many Government organizations are working at the field level to guide and train the farmers. They need data on soil conditions for project implementations.

Farmers are highly dependent on soil condition monitoring to boost production, prevent soil-borne diseases, optimize resources, etc.

Researchers are exploring soil characteristics to introduce high yielding varieties of regular crops that can withstand the harsh environment.

Many companies  run IoT solutions to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.