Accurate Data. Powerful Research.

Today more than ever researchers are looking into the field of analyzing the effect of climate change on hydrology, meteorology, and the environment. Environmental scientists are assessing the impact of industrialization and consumer behavior on groundwater, surface water, and various forms of pollution. Disasters in Bangladesh are another major concern that researchers are focused on. Engineers need to account for environmental impact assessment and sincere consideration of surroundings before any industrial establishment takes place. All these types of research, analysis, and monitoring need smart tools with analytical capabilities. 

IoTixLab has developed a broad range of products and solutions for researchers and academicians so that they can perform accurate predictions and modeling in their respective research fields. 

Our IoT-based solution is able to generate a huge amount of relevant data that can be used for Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence-based Applications.



  • Hydrology 
  • Meteorology 
  • Geographical Information 
  • Soil Science 
  • Environment 
  • Fisheries 
  • Coastal Water 
  • Climate Change